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abby_winte_s_lesbian_video_-_choosing_sexy_abby_winte_s - Apunts

Alright. This is a continuation to: website Some of you had asked me for the rest of the story. To do this right I will pull up Jennifers picture from Facebook. Im going to describe her so that you know exactly what we will be dealing with. It will sit on the side of my screen until we are done. The picture I chose is one that she recently took while on vacation. The sun is hitting her hair, its white near the roots.

On the right side of her face, it curls along her cheek and rests on her shoulder. A light blonde colour in the shade of her neck. On the left side, tucked behind her ear, is a white amazon lily. Jennifer has deep brown eyes, a pointy slender nose that rounds itself delicately at the tip.

Her lips are of the most beautiful colour of human flesh (a lively light pink), and her teeth brilliantly white. Her neck… her beautiful neck. She has a soft gentle slope on the rounds of her neck, the indentations in and near her collarbone the perfect size and depth for my lips. Her jawline is tender, and the spot below hear ear is begging for my attention. Jennifer is wearing a very light, and extremely thin, yellow summer dress. I can easily spot her white bikini beneath it. Her breasts are a large B but with the most perfect of shapes.

Closing my eyes I can picture her tiny little nipples, the same colour as her lips. Not long after having masturbated for her on the bus, we began talking rather regularly on MSN Messenger. We often tried to one up eachother, with Jennifer trying to prove that she was more mature and sexually adept than I. On this particular night I was asking her about her red thong; I had seen it earlier in the day while she was bent over looking for a book at the bottom of her locker. I told her how badly I wanted to slide my hand underneath her school uniform and run my fingers between the string and her skin, how hard I got, and that I couldnt stop thinking of her.

This was a very frustrating conversation. In my young and inexperienced repertoire of seduction, I had nothing that satisfied her. She answered coldly and was toying with me; she had no interest in helping me satisfy myself. She knew I often played with my dick while talking to her. She told me she liked it but this time it seemed that she couldnt care less about me. You always talk about shit like this but youre so innocent and naive. Youve never done anything in your life. I wrote. You dont know me. All the guys around here know me.

Thats when she confessed to me that she was a blow job princess, a cum dumpster if we want to use the clichés of DPP, servicing all the willing young boys near her parents home. The whole conversation left me bitter and frustrated; and to be honest, quite jealous. I stopped talking to Jennifer all together. A couple weeks later we went on a camping trip with our math class. It took place just outside the city near an old quarry. I dont remember exactly what we were doing there, only that we were supposed to be doing trigonometry and something about the stars.

After settling in and partaking in the camp fires, marshmallows, and hotdogs; I went exploring. I followed a thick overgrown hedge until I found an opening and I crossed over into the camping lot that was next to ours. Ill never forget this scene, its burned into my mind: I turned the corner and saw Jennifer laying down on a picnic table staring up into the sky. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt, tightly hugging her delicious breasts. I tried very hard to make out the tips of her abby winters girl girl nipples - it was quite a chilly night. She heard the rustling of the leaves and grass beneath my feet: she turned her head sideways and smiled at me, inviting me to sit.

Walking towards her I noticed something odd (and this is a tip of you young lads reading this); she was staring at my forearms and had the look of a salivating dog. Even at work now, I -always- have the sleeves of my dress shirts rolled up. I know if I should take a shot at a co-worker by how much they distract her in conversation (youre welcome lads).

Jennifer slowly raised herself and kept her seat on the table; I took my place at her feet, sitting on the bench. abby winters video I kept my focus forward, staring towards the direction from which I came. I felt her hand on the outside of my arm, sliding up and past my shoulder until it rest.

You know, I miss talking to you. I could hear the smile in her voice as she gentle squeezed my shoulder. I blurted out something of insignificance, a response abby winters athletic girls I neither remember nor care to repeat. Whats important is what she said next: I want you.

These three words, the three words all men wish to hear: I want you. Its very difficult for me to describe the feeling. Physically, my legs felt like jelly, my stomach turned, my hands trembled, and my mind confused. (I think I need to explain here the from the moment I showed her my dick, until I stopped talking to her, she had me on a leash.

I would have done anything just to speak to her and I had the strongest of boy-hood crushes. This is what made me so jealous after all.) But emotionally, and psychologically, the feelings I felt are nearly indescribable. I felt proud of myself, aroused, relieved, and anxious.

I wanted to rip out of my and give it to her, and tell her that I love her. (How naive we all were in our younger years.) Without letting go she took a step down from the table. Her hand running down my arm to meet my hand, she turned around to face me and went on her knees.

Her hand then took its place directly on my lap, moving to towards button of my jeans. We caught eachothers eyes as she used her free hand to place her hair behind her ears. My heart jumped and almost left my body. The last time she saw me I had gotten myself hard before the reveal. I was worried my soft and sluggish penis would disappoint and scare her away. FUUUUUUCCCKKK I thought, but it was too late. I looked down and saw her grab me, she pulled my cock out and took all of it in her mouth. (Side note here: this is still one of the most erotic things for me.

The sight of a girl with a soft dick in her mouth makes me crazy.) It didnt take long for her to put my mind at ease. The sensation of her tongue between the head of my cock and loose skin got me hard in an instant. She gripped my shaft and began to stroke me.

She said things to me that I will never forget. She taught me how to appreciate and love dirty talk, and how to tell my lovers exactly what I want and expect. Her expressions of appreciation and awe were incontestably beautiful. She made me feel like I was the one pleasuring her, that letting her wrap her pink fleshy lips around the end of my cock was both an honour and a gift.

Jennifer made me feel like a real man and I wanted nothing more than to give her my dick. Contrary to popular experience, in thanks to a noteworthy performance, my first blow job was one of the best of my life. I dont exaggerate when I say it was life changing. I still remember how warm it felt to be inside her mouth and how perfectly wet it felt on the end of my dick. Her tongue stimulating the head of my sensitive and throbbing cock, so deliberately and delicate. My minds picture of Jennifer, the one that dominates my thoughts when I close my eyes and think of her, is one of beauty: I still picture the reflection of the moon and stars in her eyes, the pink fleshy and delicate lips, and her slender and elegant fingers, with perfectly manicured nails, wrapped around me.

This being my first blow job I was ignorant to the decorum and etiquette that surrounds such a gift. I did not tell her I was going to cum, she knew when she began to taste me. Her instinct, God bless her, was not to remove her lips and throw her mouth back in disgust. No, it was to force me deeper into her throat and look up at me directly into my eyes. If it wasnt for my swollen member, I am convinced she would have had a smile on her face. Like the real man she taught abby winters browse me to be, after cumming in her mouth, I kissed her on the lips and thanked her.

Thank you Jennifer. DomPP

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