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egain_you_pea_ly_smile_with_best_teeth_whitening_kits - Apunts

(Image: http://media2.picsearch.com/is?ka764jf4ukNNx9xXlR8Oc5JPIvR6ZLVW7JS4l2jktFs&height=224)Pearly white teeth are an asset to our appearance and a bright smile is not the privilege of the rich and famous anymore. We can whiten our teeth at the comfort of our home and have similar results with in-surgery whitening without having to pay a fortune on dental fees.

Damaged enamel, irritated gums and inflammation can be avoided by following the rules set out by your dentist. Whether you choose to have your teeth whitened or to whiten them yourself, be sure that you only choose safe options. Don’t strain your teeth trying to achieve the perfect smile.

Because the product was so easy to use, the manufacturer made it available to individual users who wanted a brighter smile but could not afford the high cost for in-surgery whitening. George Madray, a prominent cosmetic dentist from California, created the first teeth-whitening kit for dentists. It started in 1989 when Dr. Teeth whitening at home is not something new.

There are a large number of teeth whitening kits on the market today. If you are looking for a highly effective and safe kit, then choose one that: Some of them are excellent while some others are of poor quality.

Using his own cash and revenue from his firms, McClendon helped rebrand Oklahoma City through philanthropy and real estate development. The state capital is now an emerging center of sports and culture. As part of his efforts to attract top talent to Chesapeake and its 50-acre red brick campus, McClendon had the company built a 72,000-square-foot fitness center and a health center that offered teeth whitening. (Additional reporting by Brian Grow in Atlanta, Mike Stone in Houston and Joshua Schneyer in New York; Editing by Terry Wade and Lisa Shumaker) Duke University and the University of Oklahoma have received more than $25 million for sports facilities and dormitories. CHARITY While McClendon's energy deals made him one of America's richest men and he bought fancy houses and wines, he was also generous and funded athletic, academic and philanthropic ventures around the nation.

The in-home whitening is effective, yet time-consuming. Safety and warningsAccording to studies teeth whitening is safe. Certain whitening solutions are activated by light, heat or lasers. However, it may be necessary to wear the mold several hours a day for up to four weeks. This can be avoided by adding fluoride to protect teeth. The same procedure holds for whitening teeth at home. Laser teeth whitening is often too expensive for many. However, gels with a higher amount of hydrogen peroxide may weaken the enamel of teeth. The whitening gels which are used to whiten teeth have been found harmless.

The kit also comes with customizable mouth trays and a blue laser light. It has always received very positive teeth-whitening reviews and high ratings because of its proven effectiveness. Its whitening gel is carbamide peroxide at the FDA approved level of 15% concentration that can lighten the teeth up to 11 shades. George's Dental White is one of the first kits for home teeth whitening as it was launched in 1989.

BANGKOK (AP) - A Thai cosmetics company quickly pulled a video in which an actress wears blackface and promotes a skin-whitener with the slogan: “You just need to be white to win. ” The retraction did little, however, to stem a debate the ad ignited about the regularity of racist advertisements in the Southeast Asian country.

Another important thing that you should always remember is that your teeth will not always be as white as after the whitening treatment. In order to maintain their whiteness, you should follow all rules of dental hygiene and use a whitening toothpaste once or twice a week, especially if you are a smoker and you like drinking tea, coffee and red wine on a regular basis.

These kits usually have the same whitening results as in-surgery laser teeth whitening, and there are thousands of positive users' testimonials and teeth-whitening reviews to prove it. A quality whitening kit contains, apart from the whitening gel (usually carbamide peroxide), and the customizable mouth trays, a blue light for optimum results. Home whitening kits can provide high quality whitening results in the most affordable way.

It is widely accepted that a beautiful, bright smile is an important contributing factor in our social, professional and personal relations. Most of us are often jealous of the white pearly teeth of celebrities in the media and wish we could have an equally attractive smile.

” The Thai cosmetics company Seoul Secret issued a “heartfelt apology” in a statement Friday saying it had pulled the video clip and related advertisements. It's a narrow-minded and disgusting attitude. “This ad is so obviously racist and another attempt to brainwash Thai women,” Jutamas, a Bangkok-based office worker, told AP. “They're saying that being dark is ugly. “Ewwwwwww,” was the reaction of 28-year-old Jutamas Tritaruyanon, one of many to post their disapproval on Facebook.

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