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pa_tick_thistle_s_new_half_sun_half_lisa_simpson_mascot_is_absolutely - Apunts

(Image: http://i1030.photobucket.com/albums/y364/bienesinmueblesgt/ALQUILO20CASA20A20SALVADOR/image.jpg)Scottish football club Partick Thistle have unveiled their new mascot, and it’s absolutely terrifying. In what can be descired as a half sun, half Lisa Simpon, ‘Kingsley’ has already received a hugely negative reaction on Twitter. Some users acknowledged the peculiar monobrow, while others highlighted the soulless eyes and garish teeth that are on show as what put them off the newest addition to Thistle. The mascot, who the club revealed was designed by artist David Shrigley, represents the new two-year sponsorship deal that the Jags have agreed with California-based investment advisory firm Kingsford Capital Management. It comes after the company’s managing member, Mike Wilkins, became interested in the club after meeting on of his favourite artists, Turner Prize-winning Shrigley - who just happened to be a Partick Thistle supporter. Introducing our new mascot, designed by @davidshrigley, Kingsley. pic.twitter.com/78HQuQCUI8 ; PartickThistle FC (@ThistleTweet) June 22, 2015 Perhaps even more frightening was the unveiling of 'Kingsley', who appeared sideways in the players' tunnel at the club's Firhill Stadium before turning to face the camera and wave - complete with the traumatising half-smile on its face. Watch the video of 'Kingsley's' unveiling below… Meet Kingsley, @ThistleTweet new mascot. pic.twitter.com/4RmUMzuenB ; Superscoreboard (@ClydeSSB) June 22, 2015 But the unveiling of ‘Kingsley’ didn’t go down on social media, with one fans labelling it “terrifying” and another claiming it to be “an evil Pokemon type thing”. @ThistleTweet @noseybassa @davidshrigley That's terrifying….. ; Hilliat Fields (@hilliatfields) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley Lisa Simpson really has let herself go! ; Paddy Boyle (@PaddyBoyle23) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet @STVGrant @davidshrigley Thats like one of those poor lisa simpson constumes you get a kids parties, but with a monobrow ; Tommo (@AndyTom75) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet @RichCawleySLP @davidshrigley Looks like an evil Pokemon type thing!  ; Ryan Cunningham (@Ryceezy) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet Kill it with fire ; SuperHans. (@RM_1888) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet I think I need therapy after seeing this … ; BradYule (@BradYule) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley OMG seriously? No way man! That monobrow alone is terrifying. ; Gartcairn Juniors (@CairnJuniors) June 22, 2015@ThistleTweet @mhendry92 @davidshrigley I like Partick and enjoy going to Firhill but need to check if its 1st April…. ; Paul W Mitchell (@pwmcomms) June 22, 2015.@ThistleTweet pic.twitter.com/R3yMcP34St - Hibernian FC (@HibsOfficial) June 22, 2015

Unfortunately for fans at Firhill, 'Kingsley' is going to be around until 2017 at least. Good luck.

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